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Personal Creativity With Fashion: The Ombre

One of the most continuous trends on the fashion horizon includes the ombre hairstyle. It provides a simplistic yet unique approach to coloring hair, allowing the wearer the ability to go with an en vogue hairdo while still using her own personal preferences in so many ways. Not only does she have her choice in color fades, but she also gets to select the length and the manner in which she styles the length. The low maintenance of the style adds to its popularity, and the fact that numerous celebrities have sported such a colorful variety of ombres provides an irresistible modern flair. While this style has already created a buzz for two years straight, it continues to keep its spot as one of the modern woman’s go-to dos.

What is Ombre Hair

The actual term ‘ombre’ refers to a progressive blend from one color selection to another. Generally, when we see women with ombre coloring, the darker shade takes the top of head, while the lighter shade dominates the bottom length of hair. The classic ombre coloring comes with a brown or dark blonde top that gradually becomes paler into a blonde length. Essentially, the trick is to obtain the ‘I haven’t had my roots touched up’ look. However, the choices range far and wide, not stopping with the classic idea of an ombre color scheme. Katy Perry, for instance, used black on top with her length colored in streaks of blue and purple simultaneously. Some use a dark brown or deep black top cute hairstyles for girls, sloping to a reddish color at the bottom.

What is the authentic Ombre color scheme?

The color scheme itself can take on a life of its own as well as the actual colors. When most people think of ombres, they think of the dramatic change of color in the length that stands out and takes up more of the hair than the top color. Yet, plenty of ombre styles use a more subtle scheme, with the length’s color taking on an almost highlight appearance. The lighter color will seem streaked at the bottom of the strands, as opposed to the full color of the length. Another factor includes the very styling itself. The tradition style is a lengthy, flowing head of hair with the bangs cut across the forehead. However, many prefer to get a little more creative than that. Miley Cyrus once sported a spiffy bob with ombre coloring. Some women prefer to stay away from bangs, and allow their hair to remain one length.

How to start with DIY Ombre hair?

There are a few other perks to having an DIY ombre hairstyle. For someone who currently indulges in having her hair colored, whether she prefers highlights or a full dye job, then she can easily transition from her current coloring routine to an ombre by simply allowing her hair to grow out. Plus, ombres cause minimal damage. Since only the length, which represents the oldest, most damaged hair, recieves color treatment, the roots are free to remain healthy. Of course, the stylish, en vogue appearance and allowance for personal creativity are also favorite reasons to take the tips of opting for an ombre as well. Get creative, check out some celebs who rock ombres, and find out if you will be rocking your own ombre soon!

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