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Month: November 2016

Unforgettable Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

The Christmas holiday is around the corner, and one way to prepare for it is by looking through some outdoor Christmas decor ideas; and there are a lot out there to choose from. An especially awesome way to get into the Christmas spirit is to dazzle both the interior and exterior of your home with Christmas décor. This article is meant to spur you on so that you can spend time and effort decorating the outside of your home. This is one way to spread the joy of Christmas throughout your vicinity. They will also make your home’s natural esthetics perfect. Here are five of the best outdoor décor to choose from.

1. Mini-Christmas Tree by the Front Door


Source: 50 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations for 2016

This is one of the outdoor Christmas decor ideas based on the concept of “bringing the inside out”. It features a mini-Christmas tree outside the door, just as it appears inside. The tree is adorned with gold ribbons, white ropes made in form of a star, and golden ornaments. The mini-Christmas tree should be placed in a basket (wicker) and gift boxes should be placed near or under it. Make sure you don’t forget about the door. With this in place, the golden stocking, bell, cinnamon sticks just complements the mini-Christmas tree.

2. The Fa La La La Sign


Source: Save Money By Creating Your Own Outdoor Christmas Decorations

This is done by simply taking musical notes from the popular song to decorate your front door. This will look good on your front door especially if you live in a row house. You then string the musical notes with red ribbons and hang them over your door. Each letter of the musical notes should be made with rope. They are then hung separately to spell the word “Fa la la la”. This is one of the easy outdoor Christmas decor ideas to spread the joy of Christmas through your neighborhood, and add fun and style to the front of your house.

3. Paper Bag Lantern Design


Source: Cute DIY Projects

This will illuminate the nighttime and keep alive the spirit of the Christmas holiday. During the winter period, the sun sets earlier and when it gets dark outside, the front of your house looks bright still. Of the outdoor Christmas decor ideas, this keeps the mood fresh and bright. This is done using brown paper bags than has a holiday image (e.g. Christmas tree) designed on it. Then you place a battery controlled candle inside the paper bag and turn them on. Do plenty of this and place them in front of your house.

4. Colorful Christmas Ornaments


Source: Country Living

This is another one of awesome outdoor Christmas decor ideas. Colorful ornaments are placed in a planter. Of course, the planter will be empty as the flowers will be dead due to the cold. They are arranged like flowers and hung. The ornaments should be in different sizes, color, and shapes to fill in the planter completely. You then glue the ornaments to each other to give it a sculpted look. To make this type of decoration, make use of plastic ornaments or materials that are shatter-proof to avoid messy cleanup. With that done, Christmas is on.