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The Easiest Reach for a Magazine when Having to Go to the Bathroom

When going to the restroom having a bathroom magazine rack around you is a good idea to help you to occupy your time instead of having a phone on that could run out of power or interrupt you during your me time.

A bathroom magazine rack makes it easy to have something to read so you aren’t carrying your phone into the bathroom with you. It can hold plenty of magazines or books to help you occupy your time more comfortably, but just remember not to stay too long when you’re reading through those juicy gossip magazines.

1. Having Reading Material By Your Side


Having a racks by your side when you need to go to the restroom is a very handy commodity to have so that you know there will always be some something to read for the times of the day that you need to sit on the toilet and since the rack is right beside you it will be just as easy as reaching for the toilet paper. Bathroom magazine racks to your side is a very convenient place to reach for reading materials.

Source: Pinterest

2. A Bathroom Magazine Rack That Sits On The Floor


Source: 23 Best Bathroom Magazine Rack Ideas to Save Space in 2017 –

While having a bathroom magazine rack that sits on the floor might not be as convenient as one that is positioned beside you next to the toilet bowl, it is still a nice addition to have to let yourself or guests in your home have something to be able to read while they need to go to the restroom. Any type of rack that can hold reading material so that you can be as comfortable as you possibly can be is a welcome addition to any restroom.

3. A Magazine Rack On The Toilet Is Inviting



Having a magazine rack located on the toilet bowl can be very inviting for someone that needs to use the restroom. The magazines located inside the rack will probably be one of the first things that they notice before they have to sit down. Being able to find something that they can read will be a welcome addition, instead of having to take their phone inside the restroom with them to keep them occupied while sitting on the toilet for many different reasons.

4. A Perfect Place To Reach For When Reading


Source: DIY ‘n’ Crafts

Having a bathroom magazine rack located in front of the toilet bowl is probably, in my personal opinion the best position to have a the rack in your bathroom because the rack is right in front of you showing the choices of reading material that you can browse through while you have to go to the restroom so therefore you won’t have to move around or have to be interrupted in the middle of having your personal me times throughout the day.

The Most Impressive Christmas Door Design Ideas

Christmas is coming and so is the need for Christmas door design ideas! Soon, every person will embrace its spirit and will get ready for this amazing celebration. This is the perfect time for families to get back together and to organize reunions. The carol singers will visit everybody and will make you feel like you’re a child again. Still, Christmas is also a time when the whole city dresses in some new clothes. We’re talking about Christmas decorations, of course. Every person tries to have the most beautiful decoration and every year, they are trying to improve it. You should also do the same and that’s why, we will present you 4 of the most interesting decorations for the best Christmas door design.

1. Gingerbread House Door


Source: Family Holiday

This Christmas decoration is extremely simple but yet very cute. You can attach it to your door using any kind of adhesive or even tape, because is made entirely from plastic. It’s not very big and it measures around 30 in x 60 in, fitting perfectly on any door, without occupying too much space. You can also combine it with other Christmas door designs. Just use your imagination and create the most impressive Christmas decoration this year, one that will certainly make your neighbors jealous.

2. Christmas Decoration Wreath


Source: HomeBNC

Probably the most popular type of Christmas door design, a wreath will always be extremely cute and will bring the Christmas spirit more closer to you. This particular one is made from little pine boughs, gently dipped in “snow”. The whole wreath is filled with some red berries, which are highlighted with some LED lights. These lights will animate the decoration, making it more alive and full of colors. You don’t need to plug it in, and you only need 3 AAA batteries in order to run it. The Christmas wreath will always be something special and its design will never get old, no matter how many people are using it.

3. Christmas Snowman Swag


Source: 39 Breathtaking DIY Christmas Door Decorations That Truly Scream Merry X’Mas!

This item will help you replace the traditional Christmas decorations with something more innovative and interesting. The Festive Christmas Snowman is the best option for every family and it will be a joy to see it every time you exit or enter your house. This Christmas door design features a nice snowman, with well defined details. The snowman is surrounded by some artificial pine foliage. Near the pine foliage it has some berries, a pine cone and big “Welcome” sign. All these details, as well as the “Welcome” sign, add a lot of color and an interesting texture to the final decoration.

4. Tulip Wreath


Source: 50 Best Christmas Door Decorations for 2016

If you’re more conservative and you want to stick with the standard Christmas door design, a door wreath might be the perfect choice for you. Still, you can improvise a little and change the normal pine wreath with a floral one. Tulips are perfect for this and will bring an air of freshness in your home. For a more realistic product, you should opt for some silk made tulips, as they look more natural. Also, a silk wreath is more easy to install than a plastic one.

No matter what decoration you will choose, remember that the most important thing is to fill your soul with the Christmas spirit. This way, you will fully enjoy this celebration and will be able to appreciate every little detail more. Merry Christmas!

Unforgettable Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

The Christmas holiday is around the corner, and one way to prepare for it is by looking through some outdoor Christmas decor ideas; and there are a lot out there to choose from. An especially awesome way to get into the Christmas spirit is to dazzle both the interior and exterior of your home with Christmas décor. This article is meant to spur you on so that you can spend time and effort decorating the outside of your home. This is one way to spread the joy of Christmas throughout your vicinity. They will also make your home’s natural esthetics perfect. Here are five of the best outdoor décor to choose from.

1. Mini-Christmas Tree by the Front Door


Source: 50 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations for 2016

This is one of the outdoor Christmas decor ideas based on the concept of “bringing the inside out”. It features a mini-Christmas tree outside the door, just as it appears inside. The tree is adorned with gold ribbons, white ropes made in form of a star, and golden ornaments. The mini-Christmas tree should be placed in a basket (wicker) and gift boxes should be placed near or under it. Make sure you don’t forget about the door. With this in place, the golden stocking, bell, cinnamon sticks just complements the mini-Christmas tree.

2. The Fa La La La Sign


Source: Save Money By Creating Your Own Outdoor Christmas Decorations

This is done by simply taking musical notes from the popular song to decorate your front door. This will look good on your front door especially if you live in a row house. You then string the musical notes with red ribbons and hang them over your door. Each letter of the musical notes should be made with rope. They are then hung separately to spell the word “Fa la la la”. This is one of the easy outdoor Christmas decor ideas to spread the joy of Christmas through your neighborhood, and add fun and style to the front of your house.

3. Paper Bag Lantern Design


Source: Cute DIY Projects

This will illuminate the nighttime and keep alive the spirit of the Christmas holiday. During the winter period, the sun sets earlier and when it gets dark outside, the front of your house looks bright still. Of the outdoor Christmas decor ideas, this keeps the mood fresh and bright. This is done using brown paper bags than has a holiday image (e.g. Christmas tree) designed on it. Then you place a battery controlled candle inside the paper bag and turn them on. Do plenty of this and place them in front of your house.

4. Colorful Christmas Ornaments


Source: Country Living

This is another one of awesome outdoor Christmas decor ideas. Colorful ornaments are placed in a planter. Of course, the planter will be empty as the flowers will be dead due to the cold. They are arranged like flowers and hung. The ornaments should be in different sizes, color, and shapes to fill in the planter completely. You then glue the ornaments to each other to give it a sculpted look. To make this type of decoration, make use of plastic ornaments or materials that are shatter-proof to avoid messy cleanup. With that done, Christmas is on.

Get Healthy with the Best Paleo Dessert Recipes

Given the popularity of the paleo diet, it is not surprising that paleo dessert recipes are in high demand. Inspired by the lifestyles of prehistoric human beings, this diet promises a life void of obesity, cancer, skin conditions and heart diseases. It is for this reason that everyone seems to be making the transition to this Paleolithic dietary way of life. If you are one of the many people that subscribe to this diet, you will be pleased with the numerous dessert options available. Below is a compilation of some of the best paleo dessert options that the internet has to offer.

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Delicious Brownies

If you are a fan of brownies, then you will love these delicious brownies. These brownies contain honey, eggs, blueberries, cinnamon, and organic cocoa powder sea salt. In addition, ingredients that you can add to the brownies are ground coffee and pecans. The ground coffee adds gives the brownies extra depths while the pecans add to their taste. The addition of fresh blueberries will be sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth. These brownies are easy to prepare and are a great alternative to conventional desserts. Also, all the ingredients in this paleo dessert recipe offer nutritional value to your paleo diet.

Paleo Dessert with Roasted Pearls

Pears are among the most nutritious fruits in the world. Thus, it should come as no surprise that they are great for preparing paleo dessert recipes. This comforting paleo dessert will be great for those chilly autumn nights. All you require to enjoy this delicious dessert are ripe pears, white wine, honey, vanilla extract, bay leaves and cinnamon sticks. The pears should be roasted for approximately 45 minutes before being served. When serving remember to garnish the pears with cinnamon and pour out the wine all over them. This dessert should be served hot or at room temperature.

Nutritious Bars

A great dessert that can also be ideal as an afternoon snack, these bars are as delicious as they are nutritious. Thus, if you are looking for healthy paleo dessert recipes, this dessert is a great option for any paleo diet lover. This dessert stays true to the paleo diet and is characterized by seeds, nuts, coconut and organic zest. These bars are crunchy and sweet and are easy to prepare. Some of the ingredients you require to prepare this dessert are almonds, walnuts, pecans, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds and melted coconut oil.

Sweet Potato Paleo Dessert

Of the many paleo dessert recipes out there, this is one of the few that goes well with BBQ. This scrumptious dessert will have you looking forward to barbecues with friends. The ingredients required to prepare this dessert include sea salt, almond flour, tapioca flour, ghee or coconut oil and sweet potato. The sweet potatoes should be baked in an oven for approximately 40 to 50 minutes. Once they are tender enough, allow them to cool down. Once they are cooled you can then use them to prepare the pie. The ghee, honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract, eggs, salt, and nutmeg should be mixed in one bowl.

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Interesting Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Come Halloween and you are reminded of not only trick and treat, but Halloween pumpkin carving. People who follow this tradition display pumpkin carvings outside their houses to create a horror feeling and atmosphere. While the traditional design for pumpkin carvings was a Jack-o-lantern, the sky’s the limit today.

People use templates, stencils or even draw unique designs freehand to create beautiful pumpkin carvings. Here are some ideas you can try implementing this Halloween and add some spice to the day! Just make sure you use the right tools, plan ahead and choose the right pumpkin to stay safe and fun while carving!

Jack Skellington


Source: 60 Easy, Cool and Scary DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

Make this Jack Skellington carving by copying the design onto a clean and dry pumpkin, or taping the template to the pumpkin and scoring the design onto the skin by poking holes through the template with a plastic poking tool.

Start carving from the center and work outwards to avoid pressuring the carved areas. Start with the innermost and smallest details and as the shape loosens, push it out of the pumpkin using your finger or dull pencil point. Then place a candle in your Halloween pumpkin carving and place it someplace away from flammables. Do blow out the candle before sleeping!



Source: The 50 Best Pumpkin Decoration and Carving Ideas for Halloween

Buy your stencil from a crafts store, download it or draw your jack-o-lantern on your own. Wash and dry your pumpkin and cut a hole big enough to put your hand in around the pumpkin top. Scoop out the pulp using a scooper or large round spoon to leave a 1” thick shell.

Use a small cutting tool to remove the smallest design parts and then move to the medium and largest parts. Wash your Halloween pumpkin carving when you are done and dry thoroughly. Instead of a tall candle, place a tea candle in the center bottom of the carving for better illumination.

Scary Skeleton Halloween Pumpkin


Source: Pinterest

This scary skeleton Halloween pumpkin carving looks great on your pumpkin. Download this template from the internet, cut a hole in the pumpkin bottom and remove its seeds to leave a 1” shell. Cover the template back with graphite by scribbling with a pencil and then tape it onto the pumpkin.

Use a ballpoint pen to trace the template image and the graphite is transferred onto the pumpkin by the pen’s pressure. Use this graphite as your carving guide to carve out your design. If you cut something unintentionally, just stick a toothpick through the flesh of the piece and fit it into place!

Cat Halloween Pumpkin


Source: Pinterest

What can be scarier than a scary cat for your Halloween pumpkin carving! Get this picture by downloading it or drawing freehand and start carving. Cut a hole in the pumpkin’s bottom large enough to put your hand, and use a scooper or spoon to remove the seeds and pulp.

Transfer the template by placing a tracing paper between the template and pumpkin, and taping both to the pumpkin. Use a ballpoint pen to trace the template image onto the pumpkin and use the transferred lines as your carving guide. Place a candle inside the pumpkin and place it somewhere outside where everyone can see it!

Unleash Your Artistic Imaginations with the Best 3D Pen

The advancement of technology has seen the introduction of 3D pens which have over the past few years grown in popularity among artists and those with creative talents. These pens are highly regarded because of their creativity and fluidity especially when used instead of printers. Unlike printers, 3D pens do not require wholly modelled 3D files for you to work but you can easily start with your shape drafting projects with just a little imagination. As such, people are using them for artistic purposes especially when in need of a distinctive channel for 3D sculpting. These pens are also ideal for repair and decorative purposes and can be used together with 3D printers to link smaller elements together into bigger models.

There are different 3D pens in the market today but these two are exceptional and worth some attention:

Scribbler 3D Pen

The Scribbler 3D pen happens to be one of the highly rated pens among many with artistic and creative talents. It is both stylish and ergonomic offering a large LED screen which clearly displays the pen’s speed and temperature settings. This pen is unique and uses a filament measuring 1.75 mm with its temperature settings making it possible to work with both ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PLA (Polylactic Acid). The 3D pen also comes with six speed settings meaning that users can simply match their personal abilities without any hassles. Users normally find this pen to be easy to use since it offers simple controls which are not evident in many other pens available in the market.

The Scribbler 3D pen is simply stylish and can be used for people of different ages and experiences. Whether a novice crafter or experience artists, the beautiful 3D pen makes your working easier and enjoyable. The pen has a dimension of 6 by 2 by 4 inches and allows you to create fantastic and unique 3-D arts which are as unique as your imagination. The pen is available in 3 generations with the Scribbler 3D pen v-3 being the latest and most advanced.

Find out more about the product here or read the Scribbler 3D Pen Review here.

7Tech 3D Printing Pen

If you want to unleash your artistic and creative imagination, the 7tech 3D pen will undoubtedly be a great choice to pick. This unique pen has an attractive shape and design but this is not all that makes it popular with many artists. You will fall in love with it owing to its large LCD display which is which is used to display speed and temperature settings. The display also alerts the users in case of a possible jam.

This 3D pen is quiet and slim with many users considering it to be more reliable than many other 3D pens in the market. Amazingly, the pen costs much less than many of the competitors. With 1.75 mm filament, 7Tech 3D printing pen is ideal for multiple purposes such as decorating. It also has a few ABS pins. Users appreciate its durable construction while at the same time hailing it as easy to use and lightweight. This ergonomic pen has an automatic standby mode which is activated if it is idle for 5 minutes.

It can use both ABS and PLA and you can use it for creations that are more spindly and artistic using a free hand. One of the greatest advantages of this pen is that it works well with designs that are two-dimensional and allows for open form creations.

Find out more about the product here or read the Scribbler 3D Pen Review here.

Personal Creativity With Fashion: The Ombre

One of the most continuous trends on the fashion horizon includes the ombre hairstyle. It provides a simplistic yet unique approach to coloring hair, allowing the wearer the ability to go with an en vogue hairdo while still using her own personal preferences in so many ways. Not only does she have her choice in color fades, but she also gets to select the length and the manner in which she styles the length. The low maintenance of the style adds to its popularity, and the fact that numerous celebrities have sported such a colorful variety of ombres provides an irresistible modern flair. While this style has already created a buzz for two years straight, it continues to keep its spot as one of the modern woman’s go-to dos.

What is Ombre Hair

The actual term ‘ombre’ refers to a progressive blend from one color selection to another. Generally, when we see women with ombre coloring, the darker shade takes the top of head, while the lighter shade dominates the bottom length of hair. The classic ombre coloring comes with a brown or dark blonde top that gradually becomes paler into a blonde length. Essentially, the trick is to obtain the ‘I haven’t had my roots touched up’ look. However, the choices range far and wide, not stopping with the classic idea of an ombre color scheme. Katy Perry, for instance, used black on top with her length colored in streaks of blue and purple simultaneously. Some use a dark brown or deep black top cute hairstyles for girls, sloping to a reddish color at the bottom.

What is the authentic Ombre color scheme?

The color scheme itself can take on a life of its own as well as the actual colors. When most people think of ombres, they think of the dramatic change of color in the length that stands out and takes up more of the hair than the top color. Yet, plenty of ombre styles use a more subtle scheme, with the length’s color taking on an almost highlight appearance. The lighter color will seem streaked at the bottom of the strands, as opposed to the full color of the length. Another factor includes the very styling itself. The tradition style is a lengthy, flowing head of hair with the bangs cut across the forehead. However, many prefer to get a little more creative than that. Miley Cyrus once sported a spiffy bob with ombre coloring. Some women prefer to stay away from bangs, and allow their hair to remain one length.

How to start with DIY Ombre hair?

There are a few other perks to having an DIY ombre hairstyle. For someone who currently indulges in having her hair colored, whether she prefers highlights or a full dye job, then she can easily transition from her current coloring routine to an ombre by simply allowing her hair to grow out. Plus, ombres cause minimal damage. Since only the length, which represents the oldest, most damaged hair, recieves color treatment, the roots are free to remain healthy. Of course, the stylish, en vogue appearance and allowance for personal creativity are also favorite reasons to take the tips of opting for an ombre as well. Get creative, check out some celebs who rock ombres, and find out if you will be rocking your own ombre soon!

Coolest Tattoo Ideas for Everyone

If planning to have a tattoo on your face, then you have to think hard before making such a decision. Tattoos are great for bringing the style to people and showing off their love for certain things. However, face tattoos might not be the best as your face is regularly seen. There is no way you can hide tattoos on your face. It is important to consider and deliberate on the type of tattoo you want and the body part where you want the tattoo to be.

The outline of the world map is one of the best tattoo men can have imprinted on their bodies. The tattoo can easily be imprinted on your hand and will look stunning. With all the seven continents been shown, make your country distinct from the rest on the map and add some few words of inspiration. The small Islands can easily be shown by dots making the marks on your hand very impressive. This tattoos fits well on the wrist surface of the arm and along the wider surfaces of your arm.

One other great tattoo for men are the arrows that can be drawn on the arm with ease. Having pointed arrows on your arm will look great. The arrows can be made to appear pointed towards the direction of the fingers. They are a great symbol of warning people to keep off. The arrows can also be drawn on your back with the sharp point facing downwards. One may decide to include several decorations on the arrows tattoo to make it more impressive.

The Roman Numbers were one of the coolest men tattoo in the year 2015 and remain one of the best tattoo to have. Roman numbers are very symbolic in nature and will create a unique style on whatever part of the body you choose to have them. The number can be imprinted on your chest, back, arms and even on the leg. People can choose numbers that mean something to them and have the numbers imprinted on their bodies in the form of Roman Numbers. For men who love money, you can add a dollar sign ($) to the numbers to show off the money in certain figures. Apart from Roman numbers, glyphs are also an excellent way to show off your beliefs to the worlds. One can choose from the thousands of glyphs that exist and have one that shows their beliefs in religion. Glyphs do well on the arms but can even be fitted on a finger.

Hummingbirds tattoo symbols are also great if you love animals but are not ideal for men. Instead, go other animals like dogs and wolfs. If you love figures and don’t want the Roman Numbers, then choose to go with Coordinates. Coordinates are great on men and will show off your love for geography and nature even if you don’t understand too much Geography. Select a coordinate of a place that means something to you. Other cool tattoos for men include tattoos for cars and money.

The list of cool tattoos for men is endless, but the above are among the best and trending men tattoos that one can have. Take your time before selecting one that will appear cool on your body.